September 04, 2012

Setting Your Computer / Projector Display Options

Are you having trouble getting your Computer / Projector to project the way you want?

Everyone's Projector / Computer / Doc Camera combination is different so there isn't one easy solution, but here's what I've discovered works the best the most often...

Connect the Computer to your projector.
Open your Display Settings. You might have it up in your menu bar.

Or you might get there by going to Apple>System Preferences>Displays

First you want to make sure your Mirror Display is turned on. It looks like this:

And then go back to the Display tab and choose the setting that is 1024 x 768. There will be another window open titled Color LCD (or something similar) Set that one to 1024 x 768 (stretched).

It looks like this from the System Preferences window

and it looks like this from the Menu bar

If you set these and then disconnect, it should come back the way you left it the next time you turn it on...unless you click on the "Turn Off Mirroring". That sort of resets everything and you'll have to put them back again.

It's not perfect, but setting things this way has given me the best results so far. Let me know if you have a better system for making your display awesome!  And Good luck!

Update: I'm also having better luck on a few systems with the 1152x720 setting. Try both.

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