November 03, 2010

Printing Genius Expose'

If I knew a crazy easy way to solve your printer problems about 80% of the time, would I tell you??


If your printer won't print you can always try something called Power Cycling.
To do this, you have it is...wait for it...

Turn it off. Pause, Pause, Pause. Turn it on.

I know. So technical. Ha! But there's no judgment here. I've definitely missed that one WAY too many times. That's why I'm telling you about it. It really does resolve the "no printy" issue most of the time!

Power cycling the right way is a tad more technical. You should:
  1. Clear your print queue. (Delete any jobs that are still hanging out in there. Do you need me to show you this? Let me know).
  2. Turn off the printer. (Using the main switch...usually on the back or side of the machine).
  3. Pull the network plug out for a few seconds and put it back in. (The phone looking cord)
  4. Sometimes you'll even want to disconnect the main power source (wall plug).
  5. Now put it all back and turn it on again. Power cycled.

These steps are not usually necessary. Just OFF and ON usually works.

Now do you want to know how to solve about 10% more of your printer problems?
  1. Add paper
  2. Change the print cartridge.
I know it's silly, but you'd be surprised how often we overlook the obvious.

Now I've told you one of my best "look like a genius" secrets. Do me a favor and pretend you still think I'm a genius sometimes. ;-) Thx.

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