April 08, 2011

Smart Board Tutorials

I did some poking around on the SMART Website, and... shoot! There's a lot of stuff there.
But I did the work for you and pulled out the gems. If you're anxious to learn to use the SMART boards, I think you'll want this.
  • First: Take a look at this 4 minute video. It'll totally inspire you and maybe teach you a couple of things in a really painless way!

  • Next: Here are some online tutorials. They are basic and not entertaining, but they get you the information you need to start feeling comfortable with the Boards and you can do it in front of your fireplace if you want (that's always a big deal for me...Central Oregon spring...you know).
(PS. A word to the wise...Don't bother with what is called the SMART Learning Space. Bleh! Unless you're in the mood to poke your eyes out with blunt objects. Go with these little videos instead to get a hold of the basics! They're only 3-6 minutes each, so that's awesome!)

1. Finding What you Need(4:01)
2. The Ink Layer(2:55)
3. The Lesson Activity Toolkit(5:40) (Ahha! This one's totally helpful. This will get you started creating cool whiteboard lessons. And it's only 6 minutes long, so...Yay!
4. Managing Pages (2:55) (You'll want to understand this when you start getting the hang of creating lessons. This is necessary for organizing them.)
5. Properties Tab & Page Recording (3:40)(more advanced stuff here)
6. New Tools in Notebook 10 (5:59)(Skip the first 2 minutes of this...it's a tool we don't have at this point. The rest is good info though.
  • Finally: Here's an awesome tool. Print out this little document and it walks you through the creation of an interactive lesson. A GREAT way to get the gist of the Smart Board tools.

Phwew! That took awhile, but they're good resources. I sure hope it helps some of you.
Happy SMART Boarding my friends!!

FYI-Here is the webpage that I pulled all these off of. It was hard to find...so I'm saving it right HERE!

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