May 10, 2011

YouTube In Your Classroom

YouTube is awesome.
And frightening.
But Awesome.
There are so many good, good educational things right there at our fingertips, but there are all those ads and crazy people are allowed to upload things as often as nice, smart people can be scary to use it in your classroom. I totally get that.
There is a solution.
You can download the clips you want to use right onto your desktop. They come down without the ads and you don't have to be connected to YouTube at all to view it, so this also solves any internet connection issues you might have during the day.
Definitely preview what you're going to show, because the crazy's are out there and they post crazy stuff, but this little ClipNabber trick puts the safe and Awesome back into YouTube for you!

Here's the link. You won't need to download anything if you use this link.

How does it work:

  • 1. Find the video you want to download from YouTube.
  • 2. Copy and paste video URL at
  • 2. Click on “Nab” button.
  • 3. It will bring in the video and give you options of FLV (Low), (Med), or (High) (sometimes you'll only get one option). Choose one.
  • 4. In the Dialog box you can choose save and it will go to your Downloads folder (or wherever your downloads default to)
  • Save it on your desktop or in a folder where you want to keep it and play it by double clicking on it. (It comes in small. Use the bottom right corner to enlarge it.)

Also...Don't forget that you all have a Discovery Streaming Subscription. These ones are safe. PURE education, and also downloadable.
If you don't know your login information and how to use it, let me know. I'll be happy to help!

Happy Watching!

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