September 06, 2012

Oh...There are Rules?

So, we had a few staff changes at school this year, and this is actually one of the things I LOVE about education. 

When they told me I would be in the cafeteria with Brad during Kindergarten lunch instead of outside, Brad and I high-fived and began making immediate plans for where we'd hang the disco ball. Brad's office is downstairs, and I make it a point to enter the building through his door, because it's like coming to work by way of a dance party. Why shouldn't lunch be a dance party then, right?

It took many minutes and Deb shaking her head at us before Brad and I realized neither of us knew if there were actually rules in the cafeteria. Are there rules?
It turns out there are.
It turns out I'm not super good at believing in them.

My hubs emailed me that picture yesterday not realizing I had just spent an entire day going over hallway rules, playground rules, cafeteria rules, library rules.
That's me. In the summertime. It's the first book I picked up after the last bell rang in June, actually. 

I wanted to post it, because I think Deb will get a kick out of it. And she'll shake her head at me and my ineptitude with rules.

Clearly, Mrs. Park's Kindergarten class is a good spot for me. Today we learned to Be safe. I'm sure I'll figure that one out one of these days (hopefully before the snowplows come and make fantastic hills to not play on). But Mrs. Park taught us another rule today, and it is probably the only rule I'll ever actually love.  
I do so love this one.
"Be Kind," she said. 

If you've never been in a kindergarten class when they are teaching this rule, you are missing one of the more beautiful things in life. This audience gets "be kind." Oh if you could only see them practice this. Some of them are scared and some are sad on the first day of Kindergarten. Others are confident and bold. No matter. Once they know that the rule is to Be Kind, they all turn...Kind. 
How do they do that? 
How do I get adult people to do that so well? 

I bet Mrs. Park knows...

I plan to get this sign for my little cubby. I think it's a really complete list as far as rules go...

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