September 06, 2012

Emailing Your Classroom Parents

Remember this little post from last year?

Well, here we are again making our class email lists. Here is how to make an email contact list... And how to send it to your team so that you don't all have to enter the same email addresses! It's quick and SO easy. These videos are like a minute long so you totally have time for this!
Ready: Go!

How to Create and Share an Email List in First Class

How to Add that List to your Contacts once you get it.

If you want the other fun tricks like how to set a signature in your email and how to make a cute little outgoing mail icon...check out last year's post. It's still the same.

On another note:
About email protocol... When you are sending an email to a large group (entire class), the best protocol is to send the email to yourself and Bcc: everyone else. That makes it blind so others can't see all the recipients and will help avoid some issues that the server will have when emailing large groups. In First Class you'll have to choose the "Show Bcc" button in order to get a Bcc field to use. Like this:

Happy Emailing!

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